Technology At RISE

As described in our mission statement, our goal is to provide a rigorous and holistic education that develops the minds and character of scholars to be catalysts for social change. Within this context, we believe that technology is a tool for learning that expands our instructional repertoire and is the vehicle that maximizes the capacity of all teachers and learners. It is the vision of The R.I.S.E Schools that students be engaged in a stimulating academic environment and a challenging curriculum that is student-centered, focused on entrepreneurism, and experiential learning.

Here at The R.I.S.E Schools we desire to provide all students with access to state-of-the-art information technology which will assist them in:

  • becoming proficient in reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking
  • being prepared for the next level of education
  • successfully attaining the skills and proficiencies required of today's work force.

In addition, all administrators, teachers, and school staff will use technology daily to effectively help students attain high standards and prepare for tomorrow's world of work.

Why Technology?

In the 21st century, understanding and using technology will be an integral part of virtually every aspect of daily life. In partnership with our parents, we will do our part to prepare students for this future. The classroom is the primary place where this preparation will occur; therefore, every classroom must be equipped with diverse technologies to support teaching and learning. Every teacher must be knowledgeable and skilled in the use of these technologies in daily instruction. When integrated into instruction, technology will support new strategies for teaching and learning by:

  • addressing diverse learning styles,
  • accommodating individual learning rates,
  • encouraging cooperative learning,
  • helping students accept responsibility for their learning,
  • providing the means to communicate globally, and
  • improving academic achievement in all areas.

To accomplish our goals we have taken the following steps:

We will make sure that we have 1 to 1 devices for all students.

We have hired a STEM Coordinator who will Implement stem curriculum across all grade levels.

We have partnered with Power My Learning to provide all 3rd grade, and 6th grade, parents with free laptops in order to ensure that more families will have access to technology at home.

Every teacher will use Google Classroom to make sure that students and parents will have 24/7 access to classroom materials and assignments.

We will be introducing digital learning days. These will days that students will be able to learn from home. It will also allow students who miss days to still have online access to video teacher lessons. provide.

We have Partnered with the KSU iTeach center to help train staff on integrating technology into the classroom to drive instructional practices and improve teaching and learning.

We have also hired an Instructional Technology Specialist to provide day to day support, and teacher training for digital based platforms and products (Google Classroom, Chrome Books, Smart Boards, Flight Simulator, etc.).

Teachers will also have access to school media specialist as well.

This plan will put us in position to have continuous improvement, monitored progress, and an organized focus on goals for supporting instruction.

The effectiveness of the plan will be demonstrated by the knowledge of students graduating from from The R.I.S.E Schools, as well as increased use and integration of technology by teachers.

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